Auditorium Seating

The auditorium will seat a total of 225 attendees.  The activities inside the auditorium will be broadcast live by University Media Services and will be simulcast onto high-definition monitors in the lounge and refreshment areas as well as in adjacent classrooms throughout Perdue Hall.  Refreshments will be available continuously throughout the day in the designated areas just outside of the auditorium.  If you are seated in the auditorium and you must leave or enter the room while the presentations are in session, please use the side aisles and leave the center aisle free for broadcasting.
We ask that if possible, you take care of personal business during the break periods.  As a courtesy to our presenters and fellow attendees, we ask that you put your “phasers on stun”, and put your cell phones and pagers on silent or manner mode.  If you expect to receive numerous phone calls throughout the conference, try to be seated near an aisle so that you can exit the auditorium quickly.  Please do not conduct phone or text conversations inside the auditorium.
Creature Comfort: It has been our experience that some folks are uncomfortable if the room temperature falls below 80 degrees.  By the same token, others become uncomfortable if the room temperature exceeds 60 degrees.  Please dress in layers for maximum comfort.  Dress for the conference is business casual.  Suits and ties are to be worn at your own risk.
Due to the travel requirements of our presenters, we will be strictly adhering to the conference agenda.  We hope that we have allowed ample opportunities during the conference for “networking”.  While the presentations are in session, please refrain from side conversations.  Please use the area outside of the auditorium (the lounge and refreshment areas) for this purpose.  The acoustics of the auditorium are such that sound carries extremely well.  Please avoid distracting other conference attendees.

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