VIP Seating

VIP SEATING:  A number of you have indicated to us a preference to view the conference activities from a location other than in the 225 seat auditorium.  We also realize that it is often not possible to leave your responsibilities and the demands of your office behind for an entire day.  Of course we don’t want you to miss one minute of the conference activities.  With that in mind, we are pleased to provide an alternative to viewing the conference in the auditorium.
Special thanks to the Dean of the Perdue School of Business, Dr. Christy Weer for permitting us to utilize both Executive Conference Rooms.  These luxury facilities on the third floor of Perdue Hall opposite the Dean’s Office will each seat 40 in very comfortable surroundings (convenient elevator service).  The proceedings from the auditorium will be simulcast onto a 103” high definition monitor and we will be providing continuous refreshment service in the room throughout the day.  We have arranged to provide free Wi-Fi access in the conference rooms so that you may use your laptops, iPads, tablets and the like.  One might think of this as viewing the conference from a luxury sky box or from a virtual office.